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  • Overseas REITs

    Hi, how would dividends and Capital gains from REITs listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (Malaysia) be taxed? Would it be as gains and dividends, or income? Thanks
  • RE: Foreign peer-to-peer lending income

    Thank you for your reply, I have a few additional questions. So I would only declare income that falls under these points in a self-assessment ? * have other income that you do not bring to the UK * bring it to the UK and spend it on things other than living costs and course fees Additionally, as I am non domiciled is there somewhere I have to declare I’m choosing to pay tax on the arising basis and not the remittance basis? Thanks
  • Foreign peer-to-peer lending income

    Hi, I am an international student with no UK income. My country’s double taxation treaty with the UK means that as a student I will not be taxed on foreign income used for the education/living costs. I am going to receive about £3000 in interest from peer-to-peer lending overseas and plan to remit this (along with the principal) to the UK for investment purposes. From the information I have gathered I would have to submit a self assessment to inform HMRC of this income but I would not pay anything on it as it falls within my personal allowance, is this correct? Additionally, would I also have to report the other bank interest that has been used for my education and is therefore not taxable (under the double taxation agreement)? Thank you