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  • RE: Customs for import for an Exhibition from Lithiuania to GB

    ATA carnets can be used for temporary movements between countries within the ATA system. You can refer to the following link for a list of countries that accept ATA carnets: [link removed by admin] When obtaining authorization for Temporary Admission (TA) through methods such as "by declaration,"" by oral declaration," or "by conduct," you don't need to apply for a specific authorization. To determine if your goods are eligible for import duty relief under temporary admission, you can consult the following resources: Check if your goods are eligible: link Refer to Part B of this document for applicable goods under oral and by-conduct declarations: These references will provide you with the necessary information regarding the eligibility and procedures related to ATA carnets and temporary admission. [link removed by admin]
  • RE: Import declarations by couriers (imports into GB from the EU)

    I strongly advise against relying on the importer's knowledge unless you have a well-established relationship with the supplier. Using their knowledge should not be seen as a backup option if you lack proof of origin during the import process. To demonstrate compliance with origin requirements, as an importer, you are required to maintain a comprehensive set of proof. This includes understanding the manufacturing process, material costs, and ensuring adherence to product-specific origin rules. However, it's important to note that suppliers often withhold certain commercially sensitive information, making it difficult to obtain all the necessary details. For more detail read this blog [link removed by admin]
  • RE: Home to office mileage

    I appreciate the response. In case the role does not meet the criteria for being itinerant, such as the Managing Director of a company based more than 150 miles away from home, are there any specific qualifications based on this factor to claim mileage? Although the role involves travel to various locations (would this be considered itinerant?), and even if it is not explicitly stated in the contract and the visits account for less than 40% of the time, would HMRC still consider the office as a permanent workplace? For the more info you can read this post [Deleted by Admin]
  • RE: Mileage tax relief if company provide fuel card on personal vehicle

    After reviewing the previous discussions, I would appreciate clarification on the following matter: The client owns a personal car that is utilized for visiting customers, and the employer supplies a fuel card while deducting expenses for private mileage. There is no mention of these details on the client's P11D, and the employer does not provide any contribution towards the standard 45p per mile. Would it be permissible for the client to claim the 45p per mile on their self-assessment to account for other expenses associated with running their car? You can read this post for more info [Deleted by Admin]