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  • RE: Pension carry forward rules

    This is really helpful. Thank you! Final question: When is a pension contribution "deemed" to have been made? The day it appears in the pension plan account or the day it is deducted from my salary as per my payslip?
  • Pension carry forward rules

    I'm a higher rater taxpayer contributing to a defined contribution pension with relief at source. A) If I carry forward unused pension allowance from past years do I have to make the additional contributions into the same pension plan that I was using in those past years or can I use the allowance to a contribution for my current plan (changed employers recently which led to change in pension plans)? B) Also, my understanding is that when I gross up (multiply by 1.25) the pension contributions to reduce my adjusted net income and to calculate contribution towards the pension allowance - I should include ALL contributions (incl. employer's contributions and HMRC tax relief at 20% in both cases). Is this correct?