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  • RE: Bank repayment pending

    Still no response! It really is the most frustrating and unnecessary process I've been through. I can appreciate it is a very busy and demanding time and I can respect their isn't much handlers of this forum can do. But to have to wait nearly 6 months and to now not have a response on heaar is shocking. It really is a shocking service this year.
  • RE: Bank repayment pending

    I have made several posts over the past three months. I returned my self assessment in February! I was told in March to wait until the 14/05/20 I was then told too wait until the 14/07/20. I have spoken to an agent in three occasions too be told to continue waiting. On my third phone call I was advised too wait until 14/09/20. I can't honestly believe that anyone else has waited this long. I can see from the forum that others are frustrated but they filed their returns 6-8 weeks a go and have been pending since then. I am currently over 5 months. Rather than the normal response of its another department. Could somebody please ask what the delay is with mine? Surely after 5 months you can ask the question. Extremely unfair and very frustrating!
  • RE: Repayment pending

    I have been waiting since the end of Feb. Currently showing as payment pending. I have been informed they are carrying out security checks and I was told to wait until the 14/05/20. I was told over the phone to now wait until 14/07/20 before making contact and that any contact would hinder the process. Very frustrating!!
  • RE: Repayment pending ???

    Good afternoon I submitted a self assessment for 18/19 tax year and 19/20. I was unwell last year and was unaware it hadn't been filed correctly. My account has been showing as payment pending since the first week of March! I was given a date over the phone of when this matter would be addressed by which was 14/05/20. I awaited patiently. I have since phoned on the 16/05/20 too then be told to wait and not make further contact via the phone until the 14/07/20. Can somebody please offer an explanation as to why this process would be significantly longer than usual, even in light of current events. Thank you