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  • When is the deadline when I have just received by UTR

    Hi! I have requested for a UTR number at the end of September, and have only received the UTR number by post today (31 October). As I am unable to create a government gateway account, I can only file my tax return by post. The date on the letter (SA250) with my UTR number is just October 2022, without the day of the month. So what is the deadline to send in my SA for the tax year 2021/2022? Thank you very much.
  • Self assessment and CGT

    Hello! I have no income in the 21-22 tax year, but made some losses in investments. Do I need to file in the self assessment if I want to use the losses that I have made to offset any potential capital gains that I make in the following tax year? Or I can declare the losses in 21-22 in the 22-23 self assessment? Thank you
  • Form SA108 CGT summarge pages

    Hello I have bought and sold options and futures listed in a foreign exchange, and I have a few questions on filling out the Self Assessment: 1) Should I fill in the section "Listed shares and securities" (Page CG 2) for these transactions? 2) Do I have to use the computation working sheet in the Capital Gains Tax summary notes on page CGN11- CGN12? Or I can provide my own computation in spreadsheet format? Thank you very much Tess
  • CGT on different investments

    Hi! I have 2 questions on calculating CGT and would appreciate if you can explain: 1. Can I use losses from the sale of shares to offset the gains from the sale of options? Eg I made a profit of £100 from selling shares but a loss of £20 from a shares option trade, my capital gain is £100-£20 = £80? 2. Am I allowed to deduct stamp duty/broker commission from my gains when calculating for CGT? How about if I made a loss in a trade - can I include stamp duty/broker commission as part of my loss? Thank you very much.