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  • RE: CDS Registration Problems

    Hi, Normally I was getting the same screen "'sorry there is a problem with this service" for the last 3 months and raised a ticket around 2 months ago. I was told by EORI team that "As your error is of a complex nature, we have had to escalate the incident further to a specialised team. " a couple weeks ago. As of today, I opened a new government gateway and also tried with my other government gateways, I am now getting the message below automatically for different combinations; The subscription request for Lagg Trading Limited has been unsuccessful Application received by HMRC on 28 December 2022 Is there a chance, somebody in the HMRC manually trying me to subscribe to the system? Kind regards, Ali Nehir Yucel
  • CDS Registration Problems

    Hi, I have been trying to register to CDS since September. First there was an EORI mismatch problem while trying to register. Then I got an e-mail saying it was solved. But unfortunately it has not been solved. Since October I am still at square one. I have spent days and days, e-mailing, calling HRMC, following up. I have been e-mailing with the EORI team, ISBC team and digital Technical team but I am afraid nobody could solve the issue yet for almost 3 months. I have sent the same information, screenshots of the pages, error messages etc for several times, I tried every combination and as of today they wanted me to contact you again as they could not address the issue. I am a bit nervous as it has been almost 3 months and I am still not be able to subscribe to CDS and appoint my Customs Agent. I had been postponing my potential imports as this issue is still unclear but I can not postpone it any further as I lost potential customers. I have an import load coming in the beginning of January and I don't know what to do. I called the helpline number, they also sent inquiry but still nothing changed for the last 15 days. I guess my old EORI (before I was VAT registered) is somehow matched with my UTR which prevents me to subscribe for CDS. Last e-mail from the CDS mismatch team is; Dear Ali, Thank you for your patience. We are sorry for the problems you have been experiencing trying to subscribe to CDS. We are looking into the issue urgently and when it has been resolved we will contact you so that you can move forward with your subscription. Kind Regards, CDS Mismatch Team. How will I subscribe to CDS and appoint my customs agent? Is there any other way to make import declarations? Is CHIEF going to be extended for importers? It has been 3 months and my problem still stands and can not get any proper help from HMRC. Can somebody help me? Thanks, Ali