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  • Possible error in update to Class 3 voluntary contributions

    Good afternoon. My wife paid Class 3 voluntary contribution on 30/03/2023, for a total of £ 6731.80, to complete her payments for eleven years (2021-22 to 2011-12). She has checked her record and all the years but one have been updated, the exception being 2011-12 for the sum of £ 824.20. I checked and re-checked the amount that we sent and it was the exact sum of the missing contributions, for all the eleven years including 2011-12. Would it be possible to re-check and, if there was an error, correct it or tell us where we went wrong? Is it possible that maybe a bank charge was detracted from the transfer, so that the sum was no longer correct? I can provide the relevant NI number if requested. Very many thanks for your help! Marco Federighi
  • RE: Bank accounts for HMRC NIC deficiency/shortfall

    Hi Lizzy W, I tried to talk with HSBC but I got nowhere - they replied but seemed unable to solve this, at least on the phone. I am in Spain and I have an account with La Caixa, and I'll do the transfer from that one using the IBAN. It should work - I am planning to do it tomorrow or next week.
  • RE: Payment of shortfall in NI contributionfor several years

    This is very helpful - many thanks for your swift and clear reply. I will make a bank transfer for the entire shortfall. I will have to do so from my bank in Spain because, bizarrely, my UK bank (HSBC) does not recognise the HMRC NIC receipts accunt (20-20-48, 30944793) and is preventing me from making the transfer. Again many thanks, and best regards
  • Bank accounts for HMRC NIC deficiency/shortfall

    My wife and I are trying to makesome voluntary contrbution payments to fill the shortfalls in her NI contributions. We live overseas, and we have seen in the HMRC website that we can make these payments by bank transfer using our UK HSBC bank account. The bank account indicates in the HMRC website is 'HMRC NIC receipts', sort code 20-2--48, account number 30944793. BUT the HSBC website does not recognise this account, and instead proposes 'HMRC deficiency payment', sort code 08-32-20, account number 12001004. Which is the correct one?
  • Payment of shortfall in NI contributionfor several years

    We have to make a payment for shortfall in NI contributions over a few years. We would like to do so by bank transfer. The instructions explain how the reference should be made - but that is the same for all years. So, my two questions are: 1. In order to make a transfer for, say, year 2012, and one for year 2013, how can I indicate which is which? 2. Is it possible to make ONE single transfer for the sum of all shortfalls? For example, if there are three shortfalls of £ 220, 50 and 13, can I make a single transfer for the sum, i.e. £ 283? Many thanks for your help!