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  • Tax sheltered accounts in France: what happens when I become a UK resident?

    I have investments in tax sheltered accounts in France (PEA and Assurance Vie), I am going to become a UK resident. If I keep these investments when I am in the UK, will they continue to have their tax sheltered status (at present if I sell shares or funds held within those products and buy new shares or funds still within the PEA or Assurance Vie, there's no tax. If I exit the PEA or Assurance Vie, there are just 'prelevements sociaux'). Alternatively, I am considering selling those products and moving the money to a UK bank account. This would entail a relatively large transfer from my own bank account in France to a bank account in my name in the UK, Would I have to provide (to you directly and or to the bank(?)) proof of origin of the funds (e.g. I imagine my payslips from my job should be o(?)) and or do any other paperwork in this case?