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  • RE: Box 65 Adjustment to capital gains tax

    I am still not sure about this. I have included - to use rounded numbers £42,000 of income as Untaxed Foreign Income and as Capital Gains (Carried Interest) but I only received this money once (not twice). The £42,000 is currently being taxed twice as it is included twice in the tax return. The adjustment in box 65 is £11,800 (28% of 42,000) to avoid this double taxation and to ensure I pay the higher rate of income tax not capital gains, but the entry in box 65 is not doing anything. I have not already paid any tax on the £42,000, so am not strictly speaking trying to claim foreign credit tax relief as I understand it. The aim is to avoid being taxed twice and to pay income tax on the £42,000 not carried interest capital gains tax. (Because for some reason some of my carried interest was paid as interest, not share sales). So, is it definitely the case I should also deduct 11,800 from one of the foreign tax relief boxes? If so, do I also still need to fill in box 65? Might it be better just to reduce my carried interest by the £42,000 than report it twice (even though I am reporting it correctly the tax calculation is coming out incorrect and this would solve it). Sorry for multiple questions but I would like to know I am doing the right thing.
  • RE: Brought Forward Losses, self assessment

    Thanks very much. The calculation is working. I subsequently realised it is a separate offset that isn't for which I created a different post.
  • Box 65 Adjustment to capital gains tax

    I have made an adjustment to this box to reduce my capital gains tax (as I have some foreign income that is double taxed) but this is not reducing my CGT do I also need to fill in a different box?
  • Brought Forward Losses, self assessment

    I have brought forward capital losses from a prior year to offset against this years capital gains. I have added these to box 58 in the online self assessment form which seems to be the correct box but the loss is not reducing the capital gains due. I presume I need to complete another box as well - which one and what else do I need to do?