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  • RE: Importing personal goods

    Ok, thanks.
  • RE: Importing personal goods

    Ah ok, thanks, so then it's: £12.2 seems to be the import duty being 2.5% on value+shipping. £86.04 must be VAT on value+shipping+duty. Is this the case? And is VAT payable in all cases? Tax was already paid for this item in Spain. 0 Value (added tax - VAT) here.
  • Importing personal goods

    My family in Spain just sent me a box with some kitchen equipment (cooking robot etc) using UPS, and I have been informed we have to pay customs for this. We declared a value of 450€ on the customs sheet. There's a few things I do not understand of what happened. - As far as it says on, we have a personal allowance of £390. Was this the reason I was taxed? 450€ are just barely over this allowance, depending on the day it would have been under. - According to, the fee should be 2.5%, including delivery costs. The bill says £12.2 on brokerage charges, which looks fine and I'd be happy with. However, there's another item called Government Charges for a whooping £86.04, which is really the one that hurts. And I cannot find any mention of this on Why was this charged? Can I claim back? Thanks.