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  • Mileage Relief clarification

    HR have suggested to me I claim mileage relief directly from HMRC for the mileage they won't pay me, but after a lot of reading I am still unclear whether I can do this so would appreciate confirmation. My work includes visiting clients frequently. My office base is 29 miles away and I only go there twice a month as it isn't within the area that the majority of my clients are. There is a closer office that I go to once or twice a week, but they will not register this as my workbase despite promoting agile working. The other days I work from home. The company policy is that I have to deduct regular commuting mileage from my registered workbase, therefore I can only claim mileage above 58 miles each day. I am often driving approximately 50 miles a day in the opposite direction to my office workbase visiting clients that I'm not allowed to claim for. Can I claim the relief on these directly with HMRC instead?