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  • sale of shares to a non-resident related party

    Hi, I am planning to sell my shares in a UK resident company to another company which is not UK resident. 1- How should I determine the price for the shares? 2- Does HMRC provide valuation services for such transactions? Best,
  • RE: withholdin tax on software acquisition

    Hi, Thank you for the response. The link you have provided is related to claim and or exemption procedures for the receiver. However my question is if these kind of payments fall under the category of royalty payments that would trigger withholding tax liability for the payer. Kind regards
  • withholdin tax on software acquisition

    Hi, Our company is developing mobile applications via in-house developers as well as purchasing from third party developers. We publish these apps through iOS and google play store to generate revenue. I have 2 questions regarding withholding tax on mobile application purchase. 1- Is there any withholding tax liability on purchase of mobile applications developed by third party companies abroad? We acquire all rights including but not limited to publishing, further development of apps etc. 2- Would there be any difference if the fee for the apps purchased set up on bases of future revenue generated through the app in question (like 5% of the yearly revenue in the next 5 years) Best regards
  • CGT for non-domicile who sells house abroad

    Hi, I am holding tier2 visa and I am in the UK since 04/2022. I will sell my house which was acquired in 07/2020 in my home country and transfer the proceeds to UK bank account to buy a house here. Is there any CGT to be payable in UK for the profit derived from selling this house?
  • working for a company resident in Germany

    Hi, I am tax resident in the UK and I have received an job offer from a Germany-based company which does not have any presence in the UK. I will work on a remote basis fully, ie I will be working in the UK. I will be on the payroll of the company and I've been said that personal income tax and insurance contribution will be deducted from my gross salary and paid to German tax authority. 1- Should I declare this employement income in the UK as well? 2- If I should, am I eligible to deduct taxes paid from my salary in Germany?
  • gift taxation

    Hi, I am a non-domiciled tax resident in the UK and I want to gift GBP 10000 to my friend in Greece. Should I and/or my friend pay tax in the UK for this gift?