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  • RE: Multiple issues with VAT Registrations

    Hello HMRC, Your vat registration unit is not working for last few days. What is going on. Can you please sort this
  • RE: CDS Access

    Hi HMRC, can you please help me for above problem as i am having serious issues
  • RE: CDS Access

    Hi HMRC, We are having some serious issues with CDS account. Its not being created. I have gone on to "is this page not working properly". i have emailed on all possible platforms. I have contacted on all hmrc helplines. No one seems to know whats going on. I have been calling since morning and no one has a clue. Can HMRC please sort out the issues. We are trying to be compliant and follow rules and regulations but there are so many bottlenecks. My problem is that i dont have hmrc gateway account details of which EORI number is linked since i deenroll this account some time ago. Now all i need is to unlink my EORI number from previous account and link with new but no one knows what to do. I have been emailing since 2 months. every one says they will get back to me. all i get reply is that they dont know how to resolve. Please tell me what to do .. please.......
  • RE: Help With VAT

    Hi HMRC, I would like to complain about the VAT registration unit. Most part of the day VAT registration unit is not available, even as soon as they open. I can understand the workload but HMRC needs to take serious actions to fix this. If by chance they pick up they do not help because it seems that they are not aware of the changes which have been implemented. All of the stakeholders have been affected real bad. Please please sort out
  • RE: CDS registration issues

    Hi HMRC, These days nothing is working in HMRC, Can you guys plz sort out . I am not ale to create my CDS account. I have contacted every possible email, department and contact but no one knows how to sort out the problem relating to CDS account
  • RE: Multiple issues with VAT Registrations

    Hi HMRC, Thanks for your response. Actually this is not a technical issue. This seems like more a system issue as new system is introduced and no one is getting VAT related messages on agent portal. it seems like a complete chaos. We are not getting any updates regarding our vat applications. yesterday i found out over phone that many of my vat applications got refused on 1st September but no one from HMRC has informed us. Current situation is affecting us so bad . I hope HMRC could resolve their issues asap Thanks Best Regards
  • RE: CDS registration

    Hi there, Thanks for your post Yes i am also facing same issue but no respite so far
  • RE: VAT registered EORI number and new government gateway ID.

    Hi there, I have emailed on above email, but EORI department said that they cant help on this matter. I need to go bottom of page and click on help with this page.... It also does not resolve the case
  • RE: VAT registered EORI number and new government gateway ID.

    Hi there, I am standing in the same positions. I have tried every possible way to unlink my EORI number from my old gateway account but it seems no one knows. HMRC plz help me