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  • RE: Educational Books and Digital Resources

    As noted above, I have read the pages in the link several times and I am asking questions as I couldn't find the answers. Is paper classed as stationary or equipment?
  • RE: Educational Books and Digital Resources

    Many thanks for your response. I had been defining tools as things you needed to get a job done that you could not walk away from and leave to get on with the job, e.g. instruction material that you needed to read from, paper cutters that you needed to move etc. and equipment as things you could walk away from and they would get on with the job themselves, e.g., printers, laminators etc. So from what you are saying I should class everything I used to get my job done as equipment? I am also now confused that paper is to be classes as equipment rather than stationary. Sorry i'm getting more confused...
  • RE: Online Storage

    Many thanks, I have set up separate business online storage accounts to avoid confusion. Thanks
  • RE: Online Storage

    Many thanks for your response. Could you tell me what catagrory 'online storage' i.e. dropbox, google drive etc. is for expenses purposes. Thanks.
  • RE: Cash Basis Computer Purchase

    Ok, many thanks.
  • RE: Educational Books and Digital Resources

    Many thanks for your response. For future reference what is the difference between tools and equipment for someone working in a tutoring capacity. Thanks.
  • RE: Campervan use when working away

    @Jim27h Thanks for asking and getting clarification on this question. Useful to know :-)
  • Online Storage

    Is 'online storage' i.e. dropbox, google drive etc. considered 'software' for expenses purposes? Many thanks
  • Protective Clothing, Marketing, and Training Expenses

    On the 'Self-employment (short) form' under 'Allowable business expenses' are the categories: Box 11: Costs of goods bought for resale or goods used Box 12: Car, van and travel expenses Box 13: Wages, salaries and other staff costs Box 14: Rent, rates, power and insurance costs Box 15: Repairs and maintenance of property and equipment Box 16: Accountancy, legal and other professional fees Box 17: Interest and bank and credit card financial charges Box 18: Phone, fax, stationery and other office costs Box 19: Other allowable business expenses They are the same headings in the online form but for clarity, I used the paper form as it has a number reference. My question is, in which category does: A. Protective clothing go B. Marketing and subscriptions go C. Training courses go Many thanks
  • Cash Basis Computer Purchase

    I bought a computer the month before my business started. I understand that I can not use 'capital allowance' as I am using 'cash basis' accounting. I think that I can claim for the computer as a 'revenue expense'. My question is which category does a computer and printer fall into? I looked under 'Telephone, fax, stationery, and other office costs' and it specifically says, "Do not include new phone, fax, computer hardware or other equipment costs" So where do I put it? Many thanks