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  • RE: Double taxation problem

    Dear HMRC I had an overseas rental property and the income will subject to tax in that country also. For the double taxation credit relief, the problem is UK has different tax financial year with that country. When I submit my uk tax assessment, I has not yet submit tax assessment in that country. Can I reimburse the foreign tax credit relief after I settle my UK tax submission? If so, should I tick the box for the credit relief application during my submission (even I have not submit tax in another country and not knowing the tax amount I used to pay in that country yet)? many thanks for the clarification
  • RE: Treatment of Distributions from Non-Reporting Offshore Funds

    Dear HRMC Admin Sorry that I have go through the guideline many times but confused: If I have foreign NON REPORTING fund with Monthly interest, should I put it in Box A (foreign interest ) or BOX 41 ?(As box 41 require GAIN ON DISPOSAL ofHolding, but I m recieving the intrest paid instead of selling it) So in my situation, should i put it back into Box A instead. Unless I dispose it in future, then i should input in box 41? Mamy mamy thanks for your kind clarification as I was stucked . Thanks
  • RE: SA100

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  • RE: Savings interest in a foreign account can fill in SA100 TR3 box3?

    Hi 2 points for clarification: 1. My foreign bank interest ( >2000 pounds) ->I and skip SA 100 box 3 and directly go to S A106 directly, am I correct. 2. For interest coming from Non reporting offshore fund , I should fill in as interest instead of Dividends, is that correct? Thanks for clarification
  • RE: reporting fund

    If I sold my overseas fund and it ends up a capital loss. Did it mean that I do not need to report this trade to HMRC during tax submission.
  • RE: Offshore reporting and non-reporting funds

    Hi HMRC member my foreign unit trust is a uk reporting fund. should I treated it as Dividen instead of interest when I report it to you in tax submission? when I dispose it in future, will it count as Capital gain (if it remains as reporting fund)? Thanks for clarification
  • reporting fund

    Dear HMRC I have unit trust bought from other country. I can find it under the reporting fund list under HMRC website. May i clarify 2 points from you? 1. For the intetest i recieved (>5000 pounds annually), should it be counted as DIVIDEN instead of overseas INterest category ?( as they have different tax rating) 2. If i dispose it in future, will the gain counted as Capital Gain instead of Income ? Many thanks for your clarification Mr Wong