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  • RE: Penalty Assessment for dissolved Company?

    Thanks for the response and the address. I have double checked and the old company is dissolved and has been since 2016. There is obviously an error in the way the new company has been listed at HMRC - 'ltd' instead of 'Limited' perhaps and this is where the error has occurred. Up until the date the new Company was registered I had never received any penalties or penalty demands (6 years) regarding the old company. Your response helps greatly now though as I can send a letter explaining all the details. Thanks again, appreciate your help.
  • Penalty Assessment for dissolved Company?

    If anyone can help with my query I would be grateful for any guidance or contact info. I am being sent Penalty Assessment notices for a Company which was dissolved in 2016. It was my company and formally would up by my accountant at the time both at the Tax Office and Companies House. I have set up a new company recently with the same name but the difference being the dissolved company was *** Ltd and the new company is *** Limited. I believe this could be the cause of the confusion however... my new accountact cannot speak to HMRC without a specific reference for the dissolved company which I cannot for the life of me find anywhere. I have spoken to HMRC about the matter and after a lengthy discussion they could not find the old company on the system (probably because it is dissolved) - they can find the new one but this is not the company the Penalty notices are being served on. Does anyone know who I can speak to (as online automated calls don't resolve the issue - just ends with the line being disconnected). Any advice or help would be welcome.