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  • RE: Van Purchase expenses

    Thank you - I'm still not sure I understand fully though. Say the purchase price of the van was £8000. Can I claim it as a capital allowance for 100% of the cost? It doesn't fall into the lower emissions categories and is used for both business and personal miles. As a van does it count as plant and equipment rather than a business car? I'm also still unclear on how to calculate what is claimable for maintenance, fuel, insurance etc.
  • Van Purchase expenses

    Hi, As a sole trader I bought a van. It is my primary vehicle and I'm aware that the majority of my milage is considered personal as a commute, however I do regularly drive to other sites for site work or markets. I'm unclear on how I claim for the van if I'm not using simplified expenses. If I claim the purchase cost of the van do I claim only a portion as the business proportion? Or the whole cost as a capital allowance and then, for example, 20% of insurance/tax costs and relevant fuel for mileage? TIA