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  • RE: Child benefit - high income charge

    Thank you. I will try to get help on that as again i'm turning round on what to use and where to get the help. Best regards 
  • RE: Child benefit - high income charge

    Hi, thank you for the reply it seems better but still not sure. Then looking into my payslips and the guide for the high income tax i am yet uncertain which lines to add to that taxable income. I have only the following figures as well as deductions (ytd): Tax Paid 6,791.60 Employee NIC 4,426.57 Alpha Scheme Contrib 2,671.27 Dental 398.10 Rental Deposit Repay 399.20 would you mind to let me know which ones should i add to determine if i have or not to pay the charge? i really just want to make sure that i pay if i have to but no-one here has been able to answer which figures to use. thank you again. Best regards, 
  • Child benefit - high income charge

    Hello, Sorry but I'm totally confused (again) as how do i know if i need to pay the HICharge based on my P60 and payslips income. These are the lines in my march payslip for example (YTD): Gross Pay 49,448.97 Taxable Pay 46,777.70 Tax Paid/deducted 6,791.60 I am a PAYE employee and this is my only income. So, should I or not pay the High income tax based on those numbers? Or just to be absolutely clear, which numbers (and how) should I use to know if I should pay the charge? Is it the taxable pay in my paperwork the one I need to use as taxable pay for the charge? It is absolutely confusing that PAYE employers don’t use the same “terminology” as HMRC to make declarations easier and fool proof (e.g. Canadian payslips have not only the terminology but when declaring the agency asks for the specific number box in the payslips from where you need to take the information). I apologise if this seems to be repetitive and silly but I have asked previously HMRC and I was told that I needed to ask my employer if those figures included deducted stuff and they told me they do as shown or something similar and at the end even adding any of the figures in any shape or form didn’t go beyond the threshold so I left it as “solved” but now I can’t as I wouldn’t be comfortable doing or not something I should. My aim is always to abide by the rules and wouldn’t like to be in trouble just because I am dumb enough not to know and no one ever dares to say to me clearly what do I need to use. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Best regards, Ara