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  • Overpaid tax but no way to get it returned - can I speak to an advisor?

    I'm having an extremely bad experience using this service and need help to get my overpaid tax back - but who can help?! I have filled out my tax return and have overpaid a large amount of tax (which is standard for me) which I need returning. However, I was never asked for any of the information in the 'Finishing your Tax Return' section of the form (title only relevant when printed - a huge signposting issue and terrible user experience!). I can only see I wasn't asked for it (and therefore haven't filled it in) when I choose the (difficult to find) option to print the form, where I can see 'not entered' for that whole section, which I assume is what I need to fill out to get my money back. I have spent hours going round and round the site being sent back to where I started - there is no way I can access this section of the form. I have also tried calling a number of times - the phone system simply takes you down a rabbit hole and hangs up on you. And the 'webchat' mentioned is a bot that only offers irrelevant options or says 'all our advisors are busy at the moment'. I keep getting asked to fill out surveys but I refuse to spend more time on this site if it doesn't directly involve getting my money back. As you can imagine, I do have a lot of feedback! Has anyone experienced this and how do I speak to an advisor?!