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  • Split year arrangement

    Hi I was not UK resident for any prior year. I arrived UK on 27Aug2021 and rented an Airbnb from 27Aug2021 to 30Nov2021. Recently, I bought a home in UK and would be moving there on 22Oct2021. Since I do not have employment in UK nor oversea at the moment, I would like to know if I would be tax resident on: 1) 22Oct2021 : the 1st day I own my UK home 2) 25Nov2021: 90days from my arrival day as I would satisfy 3 tie from tie-resident test 3) 21Nov2021: 30th day I own my UK home
  • SIC for investing own fund

    Hi May I know which SIC should my limited company belong to if I invest my own money via this limited company? The main business would be investing stock/fund/currency and so on.
  • NI for director of limited company who has another fulltime job

    I am currently employed by a company and paying employee NI. At the same time, I am holding a limited company as a director with another director to do some stock trading/property management investment. Do I need to pay NI twice as employee? or I shall be qualified to claim NI in class J in my own company? NI from my fulltime job --> Class A NI from my own company --> Class J
  • By Product from business

    Hi My limited company may generate by-product from main business. Per SIC registration, my main business doesnt aim to manufacture or sell these by-products. May I know if these would be deemed as my company assets? If I sell them to external parties (such as online), would I necessary to claim this as selling assets? Would this be considered as a capital gain or corporate income?
  • RE: VAT Registration

    Hello, may I clarify whether the taxable turnover has been deducted the expenses associated with the business or not? Also, the company will provide consultancy service to HK company on their HK business. Under this circumstance, may I know if the business is at standard rate or zero rates?
  • VAT Registration

    I am going to have a private limited company which has a mixed business of real estate renting, goods selling and offer consultancy service to oversea customer. I have the following questions to be clarified: 1. Is the VAT threshold (GBP 85,000 in 2021) mean to the revenue or the profit of VAT registration required business? 2. Our company could be exempted from the VAT registration in case the revenue/profit (depends on Q1 answer) of goods selling and offering consultancy service to oversea customer does not exceed the threshold, please correct me if I am incorrect. May I know if adding the real estate renting, our revenue/profit of the company exceed the threshold? 3. Does the consultancy service provided to the oversea customers include in the VAT registration requirement? I know that the real estate renting doesnt belong to VAT registration. Thank you so much.