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  • RE: contribution or saving to Hong Kong pension

    Thanks a lot for your advice, appreciated much! Can I further clarify, when I report the 'income' to HRMC, shall I report the gross income (i.e. amount before the HK governement deducting the pension) or the net income that I received? In the above example, gross income is £3150 and net income is £150.
  • contribution or saving to Hong Kong pension

    I worked for a Hong Kong based employer remotely (in my UK home), and Hong Kong government will deduct £150 from my gross income £,3150 every month as Hong Kong pension saving. Q1: Is the £150 non-taxable? i.e. Is HK pension similar to those pension saving into a UK pension scheme, which is non-taxable item? Q2: Can I request for tax relief for the £150 Q3: Which amount shall I input in self assessment, is it the net income (£3,000) that I received? Or shall I input the gross income £3150 and then request for tax relief? Hope to get an advice, as I tried calling the hotline, sometimes the lines were cut accidently after waiting and talking for an hour. This is the first year we move from HK to the UK, and the return dealing is approaching, it is very stressful. Thanks. Kind regards, Cathy Thanks.
  • RE: Any cap for NI

    Thanks for your reply. 1. Does it mean that I have to declared all my income (whether exceed allowance or not)? 2. Is there any capped amount on my NI contribution? again is that I need to declare all income no matter exceed the contribution or not? 3. Do I need to report income earned only after I got UK tie? In other words, is it correct to report the same amount of income as when I report my personal tax. For personal tax, I got split year treatment (first year in UK), I only need to declare income after getting strong UK tie (i.e. long resident address). The income after I arrived UK and living in airbnb are not required to report in personal tax reporting, is it the same way when I report eligible income for NI?
  • Split Year treatment apply to National Insurance (NI)

    Hi I just arrived from UK from overseas last year, and eligible for split year SA109 treatment. Does the split year start date apply to National Insurance reporting. For example, 1 July 2021 arrived UK (stayed in airbnb) 1 Aug 2021 got UK tie (long term residence home) 1 Aug 2021 my split year should start on 1 Aug, and I only need to report overseas income from 1 Aug 2021 How about National Insurance calculation, shall I input the overseas income from 1 Aug 2021 to calculate the national insurance (NI)? Or shall I input overseas income earned since 1 July 2021 to calculate the NI? Or shall I include overseas income earned for the period before arriving UK for NI calculation. Thanks for your advise. I have called the hotline several times but no one can advise me. Your advice is highly appreciated, as I was not able to report NI without knowing it. Thanks.
  • Any cap for NI

    I moved from Hong Kong to UK in August 2021, and am earning an overseas income in Hong Kong till March 2022. I have working another full time job in UK in some months overlapping this part time HK job. Q1. Is there any cap for contributing NI, can you please tell me the cap? Q2. Can I choose not to contribute for the HK job for the NI. Q3. Is there any difference of the NI contribution rate % for a part-time job vs full-time job, I worked 16 hours every week, but the salary exceed the NI allowance. HK Job: Aug 2021 - March 2022 UK Job 1: mid-Nov 2021 - mid-Jan 2022 ( 2 months contract) UK Job 2: end Feb 2022 - Feb 2023 (1 year contract) Thanks
  • Split year for NI payment

    HI This is my first year moving to UK, I am earning overseas income. Shall I input the company start date as of the date I arrived UK or shall I input the split year start date (i.e. the same date as the Personal Tax counting)? For example, I arrived UK on 1 Aug and lived in airbnb, and rent a house on 1 Sept, the personal tax is counted since 1 Sept, what about the NI? Thanks.