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  • VAT on selling tangible assets

    Hi! If I am a VAT registered business. Do I need to charge VAT to the buyer when I am selling the tangible assets? Thank you.
  • Selling second hand item at loss

    I am selling my used clothes and handbags. The prices are below my costs of purchase so I do not need to pay any VAT, correct? If my selling price is more than my cost, I need to pay VAT at 16.67% of the difference of the selling price and cost, correct? Thank you
  • Reclaim VAT

    Could a Belgium company without UK VAT registered reclaim VAT on hotel invoices and expenses for business reasons in UK? How? Thank you.
  • Split year and Foreign Tax Credit Relief for foreign income

    I arrived UK on 25th May 2021 and continuously worked remotely for my previous company abroad until 5th Apr 2022 in UK. Before 25th May 2021, I had not lived in UK. My previous company abroad has filed employee salary tax for me but I have not received the salary tax bill. My split year will be from 25th May 2021 for SA106? I don’t have the salary tax bill from abroad yet so can I not fill in the amount for Foreign Tax Credit Relief in SA109 or I must have the amount. Thank you.
  • VAT for goods buying from overseas and selling to overseas

    I plan to buy goods from a manufacturer in an overseas countries and sell to customers also in overseas countries. The goods will not enter to UK and will be directly shipped from the overseas manufacturer to another overseas customer. Do I involve to pay VAT for buying or selling the goods? Thank you.
  • Receipt from a restaurant under 250

    I have a receipt for whole team’s event and need to claim from my company. The receipt is below £250 with the restaurant’s name, address, and VAT number. The receipt is below £250 so the details do not show the VAT breakdown. Can I work out the VAT and reclaim the VAT? Or I need to ask the restaurant to issue an invoice or receipt with VAT breakdown. Thank you.
  • PAYE payable to HMRC

    I usually paid the employees on 5th of the following month for the tax month. Now I want to change the payday to 7th of the following month for the tax month. For payroll period of 1st Jan to 31st Jan, can I pay on 7th Feb? What do I need to do about FPS for change of payday. I need to submit EPS about the change because payday now falls into another tax period? Thank you.
  • VAT Receipt by restaurant

    VAT receipt from a restaurant is over £250 but the VAT amount does not show separately and has included in the total: 1. Can I use this receipt as supporting document for VAT return? 2. If a restaurant does not issue the receipt with VAT amount separately for amount over £250, does that restaurant has any penalty of doing this? Thank you.
  • Self Assessment Foreign Income and Director

    Hi! I have registered for self-assessment as not self-employed. I am a Director and Shareholder of a Hong Kong incorporated company and at the same time employed by this company as Sales Manager. I do not received any Director fee and dividend from 6th Apr 2021 to 5th Apr 2022. I arrived UK on 25th May 2022 and rent a house starting on 25th May 2022. Am I wrong or registered as not self-employed for self assessment? Thank you.