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  • RE: Rental income

    My ID check problem still don't have any people can help. Can I use SA1 form for apply UTR? When I received UTR number and I can process tax return by online? I need finish SA105 (I just have 50% rental income)? How about SA103 for what? My husband also SA105?
  • RE: Rental income

    I had follow your instructions in the app, but my passport biometric chip not work, I can't scan it and I don't have UK passport, driving license and payslip, but I have BRP. I can't process ID check in online. I had called 03000203300 and 03002003310, the numbers are very busy and many times don't have any people hear. They said can't help me and let me call Head office, but head office said they also can't help me process ID check and let me call back HMRC. City council can't help me. Don't have any people can help, I feel very troubled.
  • ID check for apply marriage allowance

    Hi I want apply marriage allowance. I have follow the instructions and download the app. The app requires scan passport biometric of passport, but my passport can't scan it. I don't have driving license and any self-employed documents, please let me know how to do. Thanks
  • RE: Rental income

    Noted with thanks. Do I need to provide receipts or invoices or any documents for deducting expenses? We handled the lease through a real estate agent, they only gave me a monthly statement and no receipts. My husband has a job and his wages have been tax-deducted. Is 50% of his rental income taxed as a self-employed person?
  • RE: Rental income

    Thanks for your reply. How about housing expenses, use net profit or gross profit for tax return? e.g. rental income £1000, maintenance costs, management and agency free, etc...£200, my tax return is £1000 or £800?
  • Rental income

    Hi. My husband has a work and I don't had work. My husband and I jointly own a property that we rent out (50/50), not hold by company. The rental income goes into and out of a my personal account. I use this as income for household expenses. We need split the rental income (50/50) or under my personal account (100%)? Do I need to complete the Self assessment tax return? if can't under my personal account, I can transfer the £1250 personal allowance to my husband? How can I do is better for us. Thanks for your help.