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  • Sole Trader & VAT registration issues

    Is there a specific way of changing personal self assessment to sole trader and VAT registration? I've been registered for self assessment personally for a couple of years and now want to set up as a sole trader and for VAT however I am going around in circles. The site wants me to log in, then tells me that I am registered on another account and I can't find anywhere that says how to actually register as a sole trader or for VAT. Every time I google it and follow links I go through pages where I confirm that I want to register for self assessment and VAT, then I go through id check processes, and then it returns me to home where I am registered for personal self assessment and no reference to business accounts or registration. Do I need to self register again or is there someone on my personal registration where I can switch to ST and register for VAT? All google searches are sending me back to square 1 - This is very confusing, any help would be appreciated,