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  • RE: Split year treatment form and captain gain tax

    Hi HMRC, Thanks for your reply. I would like to clarify about the capital gain tax of my case. My husband and I joint name purchased a home in HK since June 2015 and sold it in Feb 2021 with the contract dated 13/02/2021. Completion date was 09/08/2021 and the money we received in 08/2021.This is our only and main residence for the whole period. Since we moved to UK in 09/12/2020. Do I need to pay any capital gains tax for 2021-2022 of my property sale in HK? Do I need to file a tax return and send a self-assessment for 2021-2022 for the sale of the property? Thank you for your attention.
  • Split year treatment form and captain gain tax

    Hi HMRC, I arrived UK in Dec 2020 and I was evaluated online I was not a UK tax residence in tax year20-21. Do I need to fill the form SA109 split year treatment back for the last tax year in this tax year (21-22) . On the other hand, I sold my property in Hong Kong after I arrived UK 2 months time which is I got the money in the 8 months after arrival UK, do I need to do the captain gain tax return? Please advise... Thanks for your attention..