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  • RE: Net profit loss still need submit self assessment ?

    If I sold stock A gained £10, but I sold stock B loss £100. The total net profit of the tax year was -£90. Do I still need to report the capital gain of stock A?
  • Net profit loss still need submit self assessment ?

    I sold all US stock shares, but the total net profit was loss. Do I still need to submit a self assessment for capital gains ?
  • Do I need to submit Employment (SA102)?

    I have forigen saving interest (less than £500), so I need to submit a self assessment. I am employed in the UK, I have already payed the PAYME. When I fill in the self assessment, do I also need to submit the Employment (SA102)?
  • submit both paper and online SA100

    I need to fill in paper form of SA100 because I apply for split year treatment . I also have capital gains in the tax year in the split year for UK part. 1. Can I submit paper form SA100 and SA109 for split year treatment, and meanwhile submit online SA100 and SA108 for capital gains? 2. I have UK saving interest from UK banks (below £2000). When I fill in SA100, do I need to fill in the UK bank saving interest in page TR 3?
  • RE: BNO

    Hi support, I have the following Foreign Income: 1. Pension: Hong Kong Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF). 2. Benefit: Hong Kong Disability Living Allowance of my child below age 11 3. A few amount of saving interest and dividend (less than GBP300) Do I need to report the above Foreign Income by submit the self-assessment form? And are they taxable in UK?