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  • CIS limited dividends

    Hello, If a CIS limited company has projects outside of IR35 I understand i can take this as dividends. Only if the project was inside IR35 I cannot take as dividends it all has to go through paye. Is this correct? What happens if there are two directors in regards to taking dividends under IR35 if only one of the directors is working under that contract. The second director is working in office not specifically on the ir35 contract. Can the second director take dividends?
  • RSU Vested shares

    I am a uk employee resident in the uk who has RSU shares vested in USA. Last years p60 includes the shares vested and I also have a payslip been produced for the relevant month they vested. For example my payslip shows RSU federal income approx £13,000. The uk tax and employees and employers nic has been calculated approx £6300 deducted and I also have a negative deduction of approx £-6200 RSU tax withheld against this. I have spoken with HMRC on the phone who said I should claim foreign tax relief on my self assessment. However, I have received conflicting information I have also been told not to claim foreign tax relief as it has been dealt with through payroll. Please can you confirm if I should be claiming foreign tax relief through my self assessment? Thanks.