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  • RE: Working From Home - Renting an Office Space

    Also, I had another job in the tax year 2019-2020 & 2020 -21 - When we went into lock down I had to work from home from this job, can I also claim separately for this job, as I have been paying tax on this as well.
  • RE: Working From Home - Renting an Office Space

    Ok thanks for the update on this. I have claimed my working from home and have back dated this, my tax code has been adjusted for this year. Do you know how payments are process going forward, is it just your tax code allowance that is altered, or do you receive a cheque for the back payment?
  • Working From Home - Renting an Office Space

    Hello, I am in employment and currently working from home, I was TUPE over to a new organisation last April 2020, that are based 70 miles from where I live. When I took up the employment for my organisation we were office based, so I had a place of work on my contract, however due to office re-locations etc... I have been working from home predominantly now for the past 3-4 hours, with some hot desking with previous contract holder. We also had space at the previous office to store materials and could go in to access this. My house is really small, and can not accommodate an office, and am now at the point where I can no longer work from home, so I have enquired about renting an office space. As I am PAYE, can I claim this cost back from my tax, if I am paying for it. My new employer has said no to an office in the area that I live in and they will not accommodate this. To add the new employer has not changed my contract, so my place of work, is where I want to rent an office. Its not an expensive office, so will be around 90-150 per month, but is a big chunk out of my wages. Any advice much appreciated.