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  • RE: Amazon UK shop vat rate

    Thank you for your reply, Sally, Amazon submits UK VAT return quarterly automatically. Shall she stop Amazon vat return and do it by herself or an accountant so she can claim back input vat?
  • RE: Amazon UK shop vat rate

    Morning, I have one more question about vat return. Amazon submits VAT return quarterly automatically. But only includes Sales sides, it doesn't calculate the purchase parts. So she didn't claim input vat. How can she claim input vat back? Many thanks
  • RE: Amazon UK shop vat rate

    Thanks for your reply. I cannot clarify if my friend is a UK seller. Her company is based in Germany. She only purchased goods from a UK supplier, stored them in the UK warehouse and sold the goods to UK customers on amazon. How can I clarify if she is a UK seller or oversea seller.?
  • RE: Amazon UK shop vat rate

    I checked some documents about amazon shop: For B2C Transactions - Amazon will collect VAT in the following two scenarios Where goods (up to a value of £135) are sold on Amazon and shipped directly from outside of the UK to UK consumers If you are a non-UK seller shipping goods from outside the UK to UK consumers, this will apply to you. If you are a UK seller and your goods are being shipped from Amazon UK FBA, this will not apply to you. Where goods (any £value) are sold on Amazon to UK consumers and the seller is not established in the UK If you are a non-UK seller shipping goods from Amazon FBA UK, this will apply to you. If you are a UK seller this will not apply to you. I am wondering if my friend's amazon UK shop is under non-UK seller category or UK seller category? If UK seller, she has to collect VAT by herself not Amazon, hasn't she?
  • Amazon UK shop vat rate

    Hello My friend's company is registered in Germany. She is running a UK shop on Amazon. All products are purchased in the UK and sold to UK customers. My question is when she needs to charge VAT to the customers. When she setup the VAT rate, there are two Tax Collection Responsibilities, Sellers and Marketplace. Sellers face business customers. Marketplace faces non-business customers. Do both customers need to be charge vat or only Sellers customers are charge vat? Many thanks Carolyn
  • RE: C79 form

    Thank both of you. I will ask my friend to request copies.
  • C79 form

    Good morning, I have a question about c79 form. I remembered that C79 has been replaced by C88 since January 2021. My friend's company,which is a vat registered company, imports the products outside of the UK and sell them in the UK. He doesn't apply for Postponed VAT and paid VAT when importing the goods. He receives C88 form every time but has never received C79. I am wondering if HMRC is still issuing C79? Now he is claiming VAT through vat return, C79 has been required. How can he obtain C79 form? Carolyn
  • Corporation tax for offshore company

    Hello I have a question regarding Corporation tax for an offshore company. My friend registered a company in the UK. He opened a business bank account in Singapore. All of the tradings of his company are outside of the UK. That means that the income of his company is not from the UK. I wonder if this kind of offshore company is liable for the corporation tax in the UK. If not, where shall his company pay the income tax? Many thanks Carolyn
  • RE: vat charge

    thank you very much. that is very helpful.
  • RE: vat charge

    thank you for replaying. I am sorry that I am very confused about the situation. this German company, one of our customers buying goods from us and sale them on UK Amazon, All the goods will be kept in a rented warehouse in UK, in this case, shall we charge VAT on them? thank you.