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  • RE: should I pay the incorrect tax bill?

    thank you for your reply.
  • should I pay the incorrect tax bill?

    hi, I am the first year to submit a self assessment. After I got a bill, I called HMRC, He told me there were mistakes on I marked “YES” on Employment and capital gain, it cause incorrect tax bill. I use the remittance base, overseas income I should mark on foreign for my foreign employment and foreign capital gain. therefore, he told me to write a letter to explain this case and no need to pay the incorrect tax. then I post to HMRC on dec2022, and I found they received my letter and Estimated completion is 24 Jan 2023. but I haven't seen any change on my bill yet. however I received a lots of tax payment remind, such as letter/email/phone message to remind me pay the tax on or before 31 Jan 2023. to avoid any penalty or bad record on HMRC , should I pay the incorrect tax bill first? or any further auction I should do? thank you for your assistance.
  • RE: [urgent]NO UTR and deadline for Remittance Basis??

    I cannot read your reply. anything I need to do to read?? I have sign in already. "Posted about 12 hours ago by HCL_Chan WarningThis post is currently being moderated and will be visible when it has been approved by a HMRC moderator. "
  • without UTR and submitted the self Assessment, what's next?

    because of the deadline (31OCT) of remittance base and spilt year by post, so my brother submit his self assessment without UTR already. he has NI number on the form. My brother and I applied a UTR a month ago, but he still haven't received a UTR. therefore, I guess there is something error of HMRC. so, what's should he do?
  • [urgent]NO UTR and deadline for Remittance Basis??

    hi, we are first year to submit self assessment. and we need to claiming Remittance Basis and spilt year. as I know I need to send the self assessment in paper by post and deliver on or before 31 OCT, and claiming Remittance Basis and spilt year do not accept online submit. My brother and I apply for UTR a month ago. we have similar name(first word of first name is exactly the same..), same last name and we live in the same address. However I got the UTR and he haven't got the UTR...and he keep checking the gateway, he still cannot saw the UTR on the home page. and haven't received a letter for UTR. 1.what's should he do right now? we just worry there is mistake on the system. I worry the system/ staff think we are the same person but we are not... 2.should he mail the self assessment tomorrow without the UTR(but he has NI number)? 3. if he haven't received the UTR after the deadline, how can he do? thank you for your help.