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  • CDS registration issues

    Good day, I work on behalf of a group of entities who recently joined a VAT group. They have de-registered their previous EORIs and registered for new ones, which are now linked to the parent company's EORI. All entities have attempted to register for CDS and while some have been successful to varying degrees; the others have not. I have recorded their progress below: 1. Company A (subsidiary): New EORI number received, Gateway account set up and CDS account set up on this using the parent company's UTR 2. Company B (subsidiary): New EORI number received, Gateway account set up. They have been trying unsuccessfully to get the CDS account set up. They have tried both the own UTR and the parent company's UTR but to no avail. 3. Company C: New EORI number received, Gateway account set up and CDS account set up on this using the parent company's UTR 4. Company D (parent company): unsuccessful in registering for CDS Companies A, B and C all tried using their separate UTRs when applying for their CDS accounts, but were rejected, so they ended up utilising the Company D's UTR, although both the Company B's and D's UTR on the Company B's application were refused, Additionally the parent company's application was also rejected, and we believe this is because its UTR has previously been used by Company's A and C. Based on the above, could you kindly advise on the best course of action for all entities in the VAT group to be registered in CDS? They have now sought and been granted the CHIEF extension, but have received no support and guidance from HMRC on the matter. We would greatly appreciate if this matter is treated urgently. Many thanks in advance.
  • CDS registration: EORI and Government Gateway not linking

    Hello, I've been trying to register my company to CDS but have been unable to proceed as the current government gateway account is not matching with our EORI number. I understand that the EORI and gateway account must be linked as the gateway account is used to register for an EORI. Alternatively, is there a way we can link the EORI to a newly registered gateway account? Could you please advise as to how we can proceed?