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  • RE: RSU Income type

    Hello, In the above responses from HMRC Admin, they say: If it's not included in your P60, please include it on the box on the employment page for 'Tips and other payments not included on your P60'. Question 1) Where is the section 'Tips and other payments not included on your P60'? It's not on the SA form. (I think it used to be in the help guide, not that HMRC Admin say this). Question 2) The help guide seems to have changed, and now, there is a SA form for 2020 and a different one for 2021. So could HMRC Admin please update their answer to RD Metcalfe and Sharetime 501? Question 3) I am in a similar position as them, I think. I'm a UK citizen, working for an American corporation. They give employees RSU's (Restricted Stock Unit), but I have to pay US tax at 54% before I get to see these shares (so I only get half of what they give to me). Can I offset this American tax liability or use tax relief (HS261) when completing my self-assessment capital gains tax? If Yes, where do I enter this information? I also read a page on the HMRC website stating that stocks given to employees as a RSU/share plan are not subject to capital gains tax. Is this correct? Thank you for your time and help.