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  • National Insurance and foreign employment

    I receive a mixed income of UK and foreign employment. My UK income is not sufficient to pay into national insurance, but my total income is. How can I pay into National Insurance through Self Assessment?
  • PAYE coding

    The self assessment form asks me to enter the amount of underpaid tax included in PAYE coding. Where can I find my PAYE Notice of Coding on my tax account?
  • Entering foreign income on Self Assessment

    I have overseas employment and need to enter this on self assessment. The form to submit employment income requires an employer's PAYE reference. Since my foreign employer does not have this, should I simply enter "N/A"?
  • RE: Roth IRA Account

    Thank you for this answer. Does the Roth IRA count as an overseas pension scheme and, if so, should I enter the amount contributed to receive tax relief?
  • savings account interest

    Hello, I have a question about reporting interest from savings accounts. I have two savings accounts, one located in the US and one located in the UK. Both accounts generated less than £1 of interest in the last tax year. Should I report the interest even if the figure displays as £0 when I enter it into the Self Assesment form due to rounding?
  • PAYE and Self-Assessment Income

    Hello, I receive income taxed through PAYE and foreign employment income taxed through self-assessment. I have two questions: 1) Do I need to report my PAYE employment income on my self-assessment return 2) I received a refund on my PAYE taxes, but my income is over the individual allowance threshold when my self-assessment income is included. Can I correct this refund on my self-assessment return? Thank you
  • Roth IRA Account

    Hello, I am a dual US/UK citizen and UK resident. I hold a Roth IRA retirement savings account in the US. It receives (significantly) less than £2000 in dividend income per year. How should I report this on my self-assessment return? Thank you