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  • RE: Customs regulations entering UK as a tourist

    Hi, thank you for the link, I checked it before and for me it was not 100% clear if "personal allowances" include private devices which are used but maybe worth more than 390,-GBP, that`s why I asked the community. Now I understood that for example my 2year old standard notebook and tablet I`d like to bring with me for private use and bring back afterwards have not to be declared.
  • RE: Customs regulations entering UK as a tourist

    Thank you very much for your reply. I also couldn't imagine that everyone who comes to the UK on holiday would have to register his personal smartphone. We will visit friends in Liverpool who also offer us accommodation and of course we would like to take our smartphone with us to take photos, my daughter wants to bring her iPad to stay in contact with her friends, my notebook is also for private use whilst we are there. Of course there is no intention to sell these items in UK, and everything will go back with us at the end of the holidays. Thanks to your explanation I am sure now that we can pass the green channel.
  • Customs regulations entering UK as a tourist

    I`m travelling first time to UK by plane next week. Searching for informations on several websites regarding customs regulations entering UK as a tourist, I`ve not been able to find exactly what I`ve been looking for. Therefore I`d like to ask a question regarding declaration of personal items as smartphone, IPad and Notebook I`d like to bring with me. Can I pass the green lane with these personal items, or do I have to declare them through the red lane as in total worth more than GBP 390,- ? Please let me know the correct handling or a contact where to find out, thank you.