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  • Are "30-Day Rule" & "Same Day Rule" applicable to Share Options Trading?

    I trade share options (both Long and Short) on both HK and US stock market. I bought XYZ long call May 2023 $35 on 15 Mar 2023 and sold it the next day and made a profit. After a week (23 Mar), I bought it again (same share option with same expiry date and same exercise price) and finally sold it on 30 May 2023 and made a profit. When I calculate the capital gain for tax year 2022/23, should I consider "30-Day Rule" and "Same Day Rule"? Are these rules also applicable to share options trading? Thank you.
  • Gain/Loss on trading share options on US stock market

    I'd like to inquire how I should report the following individual cases in the tax return: [Case 1] Assume I paid a premium of US$10,000 to buy Dec-22 Long Call share option on US stock market in Oct 2022. At the closing date of Dec 2022, the market price of the underlying share was above the option exercise price and I sold it at US$25,000. That meant I made a profit of US$15,000 in this trade. My questions are: 1. is this gain subject to Capital Gain Tax in nature? 2. is it correct to use Dec-22 & Oct-22 exchange rates in calculating the selling prices & premium paid respectively in order to obtain the gain in £? [Case 2 - please ignore Case 1] If the market price of the underlying share was below the exercise price, so I incurred a loss of US$10,000 in this trade. Is this loss allowable to carry forward for offsetting other capital gains of the future years? Thank you.
  • RE: Premium received on selling share options: is it subject to CGT?

    I'd like to further inquire whether the "Premium Received" in the above case is classified under "Capital Gains". Thanks.
  • Premium received on selling share options: is it subject to CGT?

    I sold share option (i.e. either "short call" or "short put") on Stock Exchange and received a premium of £1,000 on 1 Nov 2022. At the month-end closing date, the price of the underlying share was below the exercise price. This meant I could earn the whole premium of £1,000. Should I report this premium as capital gain when submitting the self-assessment return? Thank you.
  • Split-year Treatment

    In case I'm qualified to apply for "Split-year treatment" in 2022-23, can I apply this treatment on the interest income and capital gain on selling shares which are received/realised after I moved to the UK? e.g. (1) I moved to the UK on 1 Oct 2022. I received interest from an overseas bank on 1 Feb 2023, which covered the period from 1 May 2022 to 31 Jan 2023. Can I exclude the interest from 1 May 2022 to 30 Sep 2022 when reporting my income to HMRC? e.g. (2) I bought 100 shares on 1 Apr 2021 and sold them on 1 Nov 2022 (I moved to the UK on 1 Oct 2022) and made a profit of £2,000. Can I split the profit on pro-rata basis and exclude the portion (i.e. 6 Apr 2022 - 30 Sep 2022) in reporting the gain to HMRC? Thank you.
  • Is savings interest taxed on accrual basis or cash basis?

    I placed a 6-month fixed term deposit with a UK bank on 1 Feb 2023, should I report the interest income from 1 Feb to 5 Apr 2023 in my tax return for 2022/2023?