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  • HMRC Basic Tools

    Hi Team, Hope you can help, please. How do I perform payroll adjustments prior to the 2016-2017 tax year? I can now see that Basic Tools has a limited date range and only supports adjustments for the last seven tax years. Many thanks
  • Specified Charges

    Hi HMRC, What is the correct procedure, please. We have submitted RTI FPS returns for each tax month in 2021-2022 tax year. Each submission was below PAYE and NI threshold - so no tax to pay for each tax month. HMRC have assigned a tax charge for tax month one of 2021-2022 even though we have sent a submission for that month and the submission was below threshold? What is the route for resolution, please? Appeal letter with evidence of FPS Submission for month one? Does HMRC require a revised FPS submission that details total earnings for M1-M12? Thank you for your advice.
  • Accessing HMRC Advance Funding Forms

    I act on behalf of a number of micro employers. Part of the payroll processing routine has involved advance funding requests for SMP or tax rebates to HMRC. Previously this was conducted using an online short form called "Kana". The link used was as follows: It would appear that HMRC have disengaged the link and no longer offer the facility. I have been advised I do not have "Sufficient Service Enrolments" even as a registered tax agent for many years. I am able to log into the "HMRC Online Service for Agents", but this does not appear to cover the requirement. I have been instructed to "Enrol for an Agent Services Account". Can you please confirm this is the correct process and will link to my existing HMRC "Online Service for Agents account" and provide me with access to the Advance Funding Online Short Forms? Many thanks for your help.