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  • RE: Self Assessment and SA401 form for non-residents

    Hello. I also followed the link and I have read there the next: PM287000 - UK registered partnership with no UK source income or gain In certain circumstances, HMRC may agree that a partnership return is not required. So, if it is related to our partnership, should the partners send the SA401 form for self-assessment registration and send reports with the form SA100 in the Future? Thanks.
  • RE: Self Assessment and SA401 form for non-residents

    Hello. Thank you for your answer. And one more question, please. Is there any deadline when the partner should be registered for self-assessment and submit a tax return? Thanks in advance!
  • RE: Self Assessment and SA401 form for non-residents

    Thank you for your reply. May I get some clarification, please? Some accountants and auditors say that the partnership members non-residents of UK should report with their income and indicate zero amounts to pay taxes. If so, should they be registered for self-assessment and what form is used in this case? Thanks in advance!
  • RE: HMRC correspondence address

    Hello, Thank you for your answer. But how can I send a DHL shipment using this address from another country? I requires a city, a street and building number.
  • HMRC correspondence address

    Hello. We have a Limited Liability Partnership incorporated for non-residents of UK. Soon, I received a letter where HMRC asks me to answer some questions from this list We have done it and sent a response to HMRC but didn't receive any confirmation about LLP status and whether we should file a Partnership tax return. There was indicated the address for correspondence in the letter from HMRC: PT Operations North East England HM Revenue and Customs BX9 1AN United Kingdom This address is also indicated here: But there is another address for couriers: HM Revenue and Customs BP8002 Benton Park View Newcastle Upon Tyne NE98 1ZZ United Kingdom So, how can I check now if HMRC accepted our response and if we shouldn't file a Partnership Tax Return and register partners to the partnership Self Assessment record? And what is the correct HMRC's address to send correspondence from abroad? Many thanks for considering my request.
  • Self Assessment and SA401 form for non-residents

    Hi. I formed an LLP on March 2023 for UK non-residents (both partners are non-residents of the UK) and then receive a letter from HRMC where was the next text: "If you believe that there is no need for you to file a Partnership Tax Return, you need to tell us:" And there were listed conditions about the intention to have a realty in the UK, office, employees, income arising in the UK and so on. We responded to HRMC we didn't have such intentions. So, should the partners non-resident living abroad in the UK complete Self Assessment form SA401? In another branch I found it should be the form SA400. And will there be penalties if the company is founded in March 2022 and I fill out this form now?