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  • Why can't I register for IOSS in the UK? The scheme has damaged my EU sales and reputation.

    Hello. I'm an artist and I run a small business that sells printed materials both in the UK and abroad. Since the implementation of the IOSS scheme one year ago, I've had to suspend orders to the EU. This is because the cost of applying for IOSS in an EU country outweighs the revenue from my EU business. It's annoying trying to explain to my customers why I can ship a product 4,000 miles away to a Caribbean island but can't throw one across the channel. I even have friends who have gone through the trouble of registering for IOSS in the EU only for orders to be VAT doubled charged on arrival or retuned. Presumably because other EU countries haven't figured out their own IOSS infrastructure to deal with this nonsense. So why is there still no option to apply for IOSS in the UK? Is the UK actively trying to stifle small business? The UK government claimed they were working on a UK portal, but that was a year ago and nothing has changed. Sort it out.