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  • Director's Loan Account (£10) - CT600A form

    Hi HMRC, The Director's Loan Account has a £10 balance from a loan to a Director. This was a personal expense that was accidentally debited from the company's debit card. This amount was NOT repaid within the accounting period but it was repaid within 9 months after the end of the accounting period. There was no interest charged on the loan. Question #1: Do I need a CT600A form? Question #2: Does the company have to submit a P11D for the interest that wasn't charged on this "loan"? Question #3: This submission encompasses two accounting periods (two CT600 forms). The loan is within the first account period and it was repaid after the end of the 2nd account period. Will I need a CT600A form for both accounting periods and are they supposed to have the same values? Question #4: Could I simply change the date of the repayment to be within the accounting period and that way avoid the CT600A form and the P11D form? This would make my records not match the bank account. Would this be an issue? Would this be legal? Thank you, Ricardo