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  • Service Engineers Visiting Ireland

    Hello, we are a business in the UK who has supplied equipment to customers in both northern and southern Ireland. We need to send an engineer to visit these customers sites to maintain and repair their equipment. They will be taking a small van, which the ferry has said we do not need to book on as freight or commercial, just normal passenger. They will be taking a selection of nuts, bolts, fittings, spare parts (thousands of different items) and tools with them. We are unsure about which paperwork will be required. As there are so many items, surely we don't need to raise a document such as movement of goods for each item? We are a small business with little resource, so hoping there is a simple way for us to be able to do this work. Thank you
  • RE: Preferential Origin Statement

    And sorry I forgot to ask - if the goods were manufactured in Italy - would this be duty free, as manufactured in EU? We will have some other Italian made items to send at some point...
  • RE: Preferential Origin Statement

    Thank you very much for prompt reply. Ok, so yes about 80% of the value of the goods are of UK origin, in which case we can use the second rule. I presume our incoterms DAP, mean that the duty has been charged to us, instead of the importer. How do we go about getting proof of preferential origin to be able to try and reclaim the duty from the Irish Revenue? Apply through the Chamber of Commerce? And just so we understand - when would we normally be required to provide proof of origin, if not in this circumstance?
  • Preferential Origin Statement

    Hello We are a small business, starting to export goods to Ireland. We sent some goods earlier in the year, £15,000 value, manufactured by us here in the UK Commodity code: 8413502000. We stated on the invoice Origin UK, but we have just had a bill for the duty. Our transport company who handles all paperwork for us (we just provide them with commercial invoices), says it's because we did not include a statement of origin on the invoice. They have given the following example of what needs to be included in the invoice: ‘’The exporter of the products covered by this document declares that these goods are of UK preferential origin. ‘’ It will also state the shippers GB VAT number in the above statement. We need to ship another order, commodity code 8425410000, next week. Value £50,000 My question is, do we just put this statement on there, or do we need to apply for some kind of proof of origin document from chamber of commerce, to be able to put this statement on the invoice? Chamber of commerce could not answer my question We are so very confused, and if we are charged duty again on this shipment, will lose almost all profit. Thank you Izzie