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  • RE: Bank Repayment Pending

    I have come to the conclusion they just pay out when they want iv been waiting 6 weeks spoke yesterday they said they will send a referral iv had no letters so one of too things you will receive a letter or it will just change to issued whenever they wish it to .they make you wait fob you off then make you wait more nothing we can do! what I don’t understand is why can't they say one minute il find out ? Put you on hold ring who ever and get you a straightforward answer my guess is the more people that wait the more money they can Clarw back in interest

    Iv had this every year for years all my mates get there’s know problem mine is a nightmare when you ring um it is pointless they just send a referral then ask you to wait 6 weeks that passes then same again is there any way around this iv waited 6 weeks now it’s been saying bank repayment pending any one on here know how to hurry them up
  • RE: Bank Repayment Pending

    Mine has said bank repayment pending for 6 weeks iv spoken to the office and they just say it s going through security checks iv received no letters what would I do