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  • HMRC writing to a person not resident to address

    Dear HMRC Team you are currently keep writing mails/reminder on late tax return with to an address which does not belong to the person indicated in the letter. 3 mails were sent back to HMRC but another two mails arrived. To our knowledge the person you are sending those reminders has never lived at that address. My partner tried to contact HMRC over the phone to alert of the error being made, but after waiting 30 minutes on the line no-one answers and we hanged up. We are not sure what else to do as HMRC ignored all communication sent back by post. Could you please update your database at once and stop sending those letters to our address? thank you. rgds

    [Personal information removed - Admin] 
  • Self assement 2021-2022 and provisional self assessment

    Hi! I had high value expenses in 2021 in renovating the flat I have been renting out which I will submit in my self assessment 2021-2022 and I expect my tax bill for 2021-2022 not too be high as 2020-2021. I am asked by HMRC to pay in Jan22 and July22 tax towards 2021-2022 based on my 2020-2021 tax return. I have already settled the amount requested for Jan22. How can I prevent paying the July22 tax value which I expect it will put me in a tax credit position? What is the scope of a Provisional self assessment? How does Provisional self assessment work? Once submitted PSA, do you need to fill in the online from scratch to submit the final one? Thanks Regards Grazi
  • Flooring replacement in rental property

    Hi! I had to remove fully the tiling flooring in the kitchen and bathroom and replaced it with vinyl flooring in the flat I am renting out since several tiles were cracked and I could not find any spares to match. Do I need to consider the cost of replacing the flooring as an expense in my 2021-2022 tax return or it is a cost which I need to take into consideration once I sell my flat in the Capital Gains working? Thanks for clarifying it. Regards Grazi
  • RE: Covid19- Claim tax relief for working from home in Tax return 2020-2021 online form

    Thanks that was helpful. If you had to buy equipment to set your working station at home because your employer provides you only with laptop (equipment such as such large monitor, desk, chair and footrest), are those also expenses which I can claim in my tax return? If so in which part of the form? Also, what about wifi and phone line connection cost? are that considerate an expense I can claim?
  • Covid19- Claim tax relief for working from home in Tax return 2020-2021 online form

    Hi re Tax return 2020-2021 online form Whereabout in the tax return online form can you claim the tax relief for working from home confirmed by your employer while you fill in the form for income from UK property? thanks.