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  • RE: P11D

    Many thanks for your reply. But when I'm using the P11D online service to report for 2022 to 2023, the status is unavailable. When I change the tax year to 2021 -2022, I'm able to create and edit P11D. Is this a bug or something? Do I need to send a P11D for 2022 to 2023 before 5th April? But the website shows 'the deadline for returns is 6 July'.
  • RE: HMRC failed to collect PAYE & NI

    My colleague has managed to get through HMRC who told her the reference HMRC saw was our company's name. Anyway, she told HMRC the correct reference. We guess if it's the format WorldFirst provide doesn't match. We'll use another payment method next time.
  • P11D

    The thing is we don't have any benefits in our first tax year (04.2021 to 04.2022). In that case, do we still need to fill in a P11D? Our company was established in May 2021 and started operating and paying staff in Nov 2021. We thought we didn't need to fill in a P11D since we didn't provide benefits or pay taxable expenses for employees that year. Furthermore we saw such guidence on the website of HMRC - "Do not complete a P11D if: there are no taxable expenses, payments or benefits to be returned for an individual the expenses and benefits have been taxed through your payroll." However this year when I'm going to complete one for 2022 - 2023, I find out some accounting and tax agents say even if you don't have benefits this year, you must still fill in one to tell HMRC you do not have any benefits or taxable expenses. Such statement really confuses me. I beg some one official could settle my query. Many thanks. By the way, for the tax year of 2022 - 2023, I guess I can not fill in a P11D till 5th April 2023. Am I right?
  • HMRC failed to collect PAYE & NI

    I paid PAYE and NI for my company on 24th Feb through WorldFirst. But on 13rd Mar I found out the website of HMRC showed I owed it. I have checked the payment proof. It showed the transaction was done successfully and the reference was correct. My colleague tried to call HMRC several times yesterday but failed to get through. Can someone here help us? The deadline is 22nd Mar, We are almost there.