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  • RE: Importing motor parts from EU

    Thanks all for the advice. Surprisingly the purchase is due for delivery tomorrow via UPS, and they have sent me an invoice for fees as suggested by Customs Oldtimer. I’ve paid this online and have printed the receipt so the delivery should go smoothly. Easier than I expected, although the duty due is 30% of the purchase price. Though that does include 20% VAT… Thanks again.
  • Importing motor parts from EU

    Hi. I have today ordered a motor part from The Netherlands. The invoice I have paid did not include VAT and was charged in Euros. The total for the part and “Shipping and Export Documents” was €530 I realise I’m going to be liable for VAT and import duty, but how does the process work? Do I have to wait for a bill from HMRC before the purchase is released by Customs, or is this paid by the carrier and claimed back? The reason I’m asking is that I’m in urgent need of the item and wondered if there was a chance of pre-payment of the duty so it clears quickly.