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  • RE: Capital gains loss - first time filing!

    Thank you. I’ve already submitted and carried forward £2000 (in this example). That doesn’t matter does it? I’m ok with carrying forward less
  • business tax account option on personal account

    why does my personal tax account have a business account option, can I ignore this?
  • how do I pay?!

    Just submitted my self assessment. I want to pay but cannot, there is no option. I have my submission receipt, but nothing in my online account shows the value I need to pay (it was shown earlier in the process when completing the return). I have no idea what to do. Do I need to wait before I can pay for HMRC to do something with my return?
  • Underpaid tax included in PAYE coding (Page 1 of 2)

    There is nothing automatically displayed in the "Amount of underpaid tax for earlier years included in your tax code for 2021-22 (from your PAYE Notice of Coding). Please enter '0' if there is nothing shown:" section. Does that mean I just put in zero? My 21/22 tax notice does say I owe £202 but that my tax free allowance would be adjusted in 21/22 to recoup this. Therefore it is already paid. If I put in £202 into the self assessment form, at the end of the form it says I need to pay this, which I already have through my tax code! So do I put 0?
  • no capital gains section on the "View your calculation" page

    All I am doing is submitting a capital gains return (for a capital loss). Is there meant to be a summary table at the end showing my gain/loss etc, or even confirming what my carried forward loss is? There is nothing pertaining to capital gains, just a tny table saying Total amount due for 2021-22
  • Capital gains loss - first time filing!

    I’m filling in the online self-assessment for capital gains for the first time (never submitted any self-assessment for anything before), in order to register cryptocurrency losses. I’m really struggling with the “Losses and Adjustments” page. Using the below example figures, is anyone able to help? I’ve completed the prior section OK, as follows: Disposal proceeds: £100,000 Allowable costs (including purchase price):£ 102,000 Gains in the year, before losses £4,000 Losses in the year: £6,000 When I then click to the next page (“Losses and Adjustments”), the top of the page shows TOTAL GAINS: £4,000, which makes sense given the above figures. But this isn’t net gains. Where do I log the loss? Is it the “Losses available to be carried forward” box? If so, would that be a loss of £6,000 or of £2,000? i.e. do I use the £6,000 loss to offset the £4,000 and then carry forward £2,000, or do I carry forward £6,000 as my gain is under the annual allowance so doesn't need to be reduced? Also, do I need to put anything in the “Adjustment to Capital Gains Tax” box? [the guidance states this won't apply to many people]