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  • Paying into pension supporting information/documents

    Hi, I've entered the grossed up figure in my tax return after tailoring return page 3 where it asks if you paid into any pensions, and I have 2 questions: - I made a one-off payment to my work pension where I transerred cash from my bank account to the pension. I can see that the amount credited to the pension includes the 20% basic rate on top of the amount paid from my bank. Am I right that this goes in the PPR (relief at source) section rather than RAR or the employers scheme sections in the Paying into registered pension schemes section> - Also, what sort of detail needs to go in the Any other information field, the PPR example talks about entering details of one-off payments to ensure my PAYE code is correct. I was going to add the date, amount paid from the bank, and the amout credited to my pension, is that sufficient. Do I need details of the Pension provider, or to attach any documentation? Thanks in advance.