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  • MTD for self employed - how do I contact HMRC for help?

    I have a problem with the way MTD is designed. I have a subscription service for my music students. They pay me a monthly direct debit, and I teach their kid 30 times in the year. If it ends up more, they top me up. If it ends up less, they get a credit for the next year. It means that as a teacher who only works 30-34 weeks of the year I have that income spread over all 52 weeks. This is essential for me to manage my own expenditure etc - a summer break with no income is awful. This model has worked really well for the past decade, and I don't want to change it. But it seems like the MTD model is based on quarterly updates, and I only reconcile with my clients once a year. I have no intention of spending masses of time each quarter to do this. I don't earn enough to make it remotely worth my time, and my teaching model doesn't fit neatly into 4 quarters. I need to ask HMRC about this before I'm forced into adopting the MTD method in 2024. Ideally I'd like a year to try it first etc. Can anyone help me with this? I also can't find any free software for the self-employed, and as I earn about £6k a year after costs I don't have the funds for the costly software out there.