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  • RE: Ending a Furnished Holiday Let

    Thank you. That was probably what I came across when I was looking up as much information as I could when we set up 18 months ago. I will follow that up. We have owned the property for nearly 11 years so probably VERY complicated as we have only let it since August 2020.
  • RE: Ending a Furnished Holiday Let

    Thank you. Must have seen something about the 3 years minimum and transferred it to the FHL situation. Will try to fathom out what on earth it could have been.
  • RE: Ending a Furnished Holiday Let

    I read HS 253 before posting my question as the answer isn’t in it as far as I can see. Please could you look again at my precise questions? If we operate the house as a FHL for at least 3 years do we avoid HMRC reassessing our tax liability? If so, is the 3 years calculated from August 15th 2020 or another date related to tax year dates? Thank you.
  • Ending a Furnished Holiday Let

    My wife and I started our FHL on August 15th 2020. I understand (I’m sure I read it here somewhere) that to benefit from the special tax benefits we must operate it for 3 years. If I am correct, would that be 3 years from that date or do tax years come into play? If we operated it until sale, what is the earliest date a sale could be completed to maintain the tax benefits?