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  • RE: Rebate cheque being sent to Tax Tree

    My husband received a letter saying he was due a tax refund which was being sent to a company called Haytch Accountants. The cheque should have been for £178. Of this my husband received £32. They had taken over £140 in fees! He did not authorise this company to act on his behalf. My husband is an 82 year old pensioner. This is a money grabbing scam. Does HMRC condone this practise? Why did they not pay this directly into his bank account. I am taking this to my local MP and the media as HMRC seem reluctant to help my husband. This practice needs to stop!
  • RE: Cheque sent to Haytch accountants

    My husband, an 82 year old, partially blind pensioner has received his tax refund from Haytch accountants after months of waiting. He was owed £178.34. They charged a whopping £145.60 in "fees". He was left with £32.74! This is a disgusting money grab scam. My husband did not nominate this company to act on his behalf so why didn't HMRC pay him directly? I am not going to let this matter go. Does it mean HMRC condones this vile practice. If that is the case I think I may go public and expose this.
  • RE: Cheque sent to Haytch accountants

    My husband has been waiting months for his tax rebate. He is 81 years old with very poor eyesight thus why I am writing on his behalf. We have contacted them by email but have not had the courtesy of a reply. I want to know who authorised this company to deal with my husband's tax affairs. I have been fighting with another accountancy that took a whopping 48% of another rebate my husband was owed. It's a despicable money grabbing scam that needs to be stopped.