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  • Tax Refund Query - 3rd Time Of Asking!

    Please could someone - anyone - but preferably an admin who genuinely knows the answer & can tell me - advise why I am waiting so long for the tax refund I requested online on 14 November 2022? Last time I asked I received no response whatsover. I have tried ringing the helpline but after 75 mins on hold I had to give up & have limited opportunities to ring due to my working hours. Advice on the HMRC website is not to chase this until you have waited 28 days but I have waited more than double that & am not only keen to have the refund but increasingly concerned about what has become of it. I took a screenshot of my request with the correct bank details but since then nothing. Furthermore a friend who completed his return only recently has received his refund. Thank you very much.
  • Tax Refund Query

    I did post a question about this on one of the forums a few weeks ago but though I subscribed to it I have never seen the response and cannot find it despite searching back. So, having with some difficulty (no advice or signposting whatsoever on the HMRC website re the new process though I was told that the old option, within the return itself, had been removed for security) worked out how to request a refund and supplied my bank account details, I have heard nothing since. So how long is this supposed to take, please, and should I not receive any notification from HMRC to update me? In past years, if my calculation has showed that I owed some money, I have paid it asap, but evidently the reverse is not the case. Also, it is possible that despite my request that the refund be credited to my bank account, HMRC will instead opt to ask my employer to return it via payroll? Again, it would be helpful to have some information.
  • RE: How to claim a tax refund

    Thank you. However, it would be helpful to know where I should look on my account to claim a refund, please, as this might save me contacting your team unnecessarily. So far as I could see online, there was no mention even of the subject, let alone the process. Others in the same position would probably appreciate this information, too.
  • RE: How to claim a tax refund

    I complete a self-assessment form online every year but have never expected a refund. In every previous year the online form has included an option to supply details for receiving a refund if one is due - eg to a bank account, by donating it, etc. This year that section has vanished from the form without mention and for the first time ever, my calculation shows I am due a refund. When I submitted my return the message said if I was due a refund, I had to wait 72 hours, then log back in to claim it. However, though more than 72 hours have elapsed, when I log back in, nowhere can I see any mention of a refund or how to claim it; could someone please advise? This seems a very unhelpful change for the user, ie removing the option to supply refund details in advance and than failing to show how to claim one. Thank you.